The "Real" Scoop
The Hudson River is 16 miles of continuous class 3 & 4 white water.
Good non-stop river! Great for beginners!

The Weekend
Here's how the weekend unfolds: The "rafters" will start arriving at the condo THURSDAY afternoon. Upon arrival, you will crack open a beer and/or a mixed drink, then start in on the jello shots. After an evening of imbibing**, Friday "afternoonish," some of us will head to the golf course and others take to the hills - on mountain bikes of course!

After another evening of the same (in moderation, of course, we must retain some strength), eating lots of food and whatever, you’ll have about a 3-4 hour nap before you get up around 8:30am Saturday morning. You’ll then grab your "cold clothes," hop into a car and drive approximately 20 minutes to the raft company. Once there, you’ll rent a wetsuit and change into it. After a bus ride and some safety lectures, you’ll get to the river (which should be about 30°) and jump in a raft. You’ll then have the time-of-your-life "rafting" some wild-white-water-rapids!! If you are not afraid to get wet (maybe take a swim or two), we invite you to join the " white-water battles !"

If you survive the trip, you will be brought back to the rafting company where you will be served a steak dinner. The rafting company will show a slide show and/or video of the trip. They will be selling these, so bring some cash (8x10 photos are about $13 each, videos are about $35). After the dinner you’ll go back to the condo (about 5pm) and celebrate! Usually, quite a few people are exhausted and take an hour or two nap before some drunk wakes them up.

Saturday night usually involves eating a few more times, drinking rounds of shots, watching videos, cranking tunes, speed quarters, cards, meeting neighboring & partying rafters. Sunday morning is for hangovers and cleanup.

The Trip Includes
Transportation to & from the rivers; an excellent raft trip; lodging Thursday, Friday and Saturday night; helmets, paddles, type V life vests; steak dinner Saturday; slide & video show of the trip; professional guide; SELF-BAILING rafts (a BIG bonus in the cold water!); wetsuit rentals (bring extra $ - see below).

Summit Townhouse Condominiums at Gore Mt. These are 2 and 3 bedroom condos which sleep 8 or 10 people comfortably and include the following: fully furnished living & dining rooms, fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, dishwasher, 2 bathrooms/showers, fireplace, firewood, microwave, coffee maker, cooking utensils, washer & dryer, VCR, cable TV, telephone (credit card calls only), and a deck. Since there are limited beds & sofas, I suggest you bring sleeping bags/pillows with you - you may end up on an air mattress, the floor or a couch.

What To Bring
For CONDO: Sleeping bag, pillow, breakfast (Saturday & Sunday mornings), FOOD (milk, OJ, chili, hot dogs, rolls, bread, pasta, eggs, butter, muffins, munchies, etc.) (Friday & Saturday nights - I am looking for volunteers to bring pans of Lasagna, Ziti, etc... let me know if you can), your favorite drinking cup!, ALCOHOLIC beverages, mixers & soda (beer and alcohol is very expensive in the boondocks - $20 for a case of beer), aspirin!

For RAFTING: A dry change of clothes for after the trip; sneakers for under booties; wool or polypropylene hats, socks, sweater, undershirt, long johns, liner gloves (PolyPro is great! Much more comfortable than wool); windbreaker; money for wetsuit rentals, videos, or photos; It is also customary to tip your guide if you are happy with them (usually $5 per person). Avoid wearing any cotton!

Wetsuit Rental
Full suit rental available at raft company (booties, gloves, suit) $10-15.

Check out Sunday is 11 AM! If you're a beer drinker, bring plenty of it! You may not be able to buy a keg up there.

** imbibe (im-bibe") v. im·bibed, im·bib·ing, im·bibes. --tr. 1. To drink. 2. To absorb or take in as if by drinking. 3. To receive and absorb into the mind! --intr. To drink alcoholic beverages.

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