Hudson River Raft Trip Highlights & Past Experiences
from the writings on the "wall" and the memories of Chip…

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2001 - 13th Year - June 2, 2001
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2000 - 12th Year, May 20th ( 24 people, 15 rafters)
(chronologically from Thursday through Saturday night)

 Friday – 11am:

 Other condo


1999 - 11th Year, May 8th ( 22 people, 19 rafters)
(chronologically from Thursday through Saturday night)

 [That ends the wall writing from this year!]

 Notes:Text in brackets [ ] are my comments.   Text in () are the people who made the quote

1998 - 10th Year, May 16th (23 people, 20 rafters)

1997 - 9th Year !
"Drink ‘em both!" - Di …"No!! He’s in our raft!!" - Chip
- 2 hours until first highlight
"All you have to do is piss a little first to get the bad shit out - then you’re okay" - Andre
"Somebody’s got to paddle" - Andre
"No Chip throwing contest this year!" - Chip
- Andre is in throwing mode - expect retaliation.
"He hit the sport and it goes right in!" - Jenn
"If it smells like cologne, leave it alone - if it smells like fish - tasty dish!" - Ellen
"Mouth is going to motor, body has to write the check!" - Vito
"You know we have bathrooms!!" - Anonymous…. "SO!" - Andre
"FREE LOVE!" (Kim)
Maggie got Traded!!
"It felt good Vito!" - Maggie
"I hate to tell you, but I am a virgin" - Maggie
"Girls get 2 Shots!" - Tommy
"I let you live here!" - ??
"In a wetsuit, everyone looks the same!"
"Somebody put your thing in this…. it’s good!" - Andre
"Let’s go have sex!" - Dave to Di…. Di jumped up…. THEY DID!
Glen R. gets the babbles at 4AM
"TAKE ME NOW!" - Maggie
"It’s self emptying"
"Don’t worry honey, I can find it"
"write on the wall when you run out of paper"
"Beer Wench!"
"Hold my beer if you want sex" (Raft #2)
"Good night Glenn - Do a shot with me before you go!" - Maggie
"MOUNT THE WEENIE!!" - Raft #1
"A C U N A tomato" - Andre (The lion King song attempt)
"She is wider than I thought she was"
"Stop whining & roll the dice!" - Maggie to Vito
"RAFT 2!! RAFT 2!!"
"REST, REST, REST!" - Phil (guide in raft 2)
Glenn P. passed out on the toilet.
Andre went to take picture of Glenn on toilet - oops … not Glenn - was Kristina "Why don’t they knock?"
"Why don’t you lock the door?" - Tom to Kristina
"Billy’s eating Vito’s nuts!"
"Maggie was holding Vito’s nuts when he was shooting!"
"By the way, I’m drunk!" - Kim
"Do you want to screw me or Vito? - Kim to Chip
"I hate the purple Die"
"The weiner will rise again!"
"I got sand in my pu__y!"
"You only got 2 weiners between the 10 of ya!"
"I need somebody here!" - Chris
"Never, Never, play speed quarters with Martinis" - Vito 

1996 - 8th Year
- Raft Wars!!
- We drew 1st blood - BROKE THE RAFT GUIDES NOSE!
- Dipsticks!
- Maggie gets tossed by guide while sitting harmlessly in the raft. (Billy got even!)
- Shelling Ags with beer cans! (Paranoia)
- Andre’s wall crash!
- Vito’s chair crash!
- Jagermeister!
- Only 2 "yackers"
- Wifes/marriages claim 2 good rafters - Gx2 are no shows!
- (I don’t remember much else J )

1995 - 7th Year
- Andre gets "drowned" (dunked) by the raft guide through the rapids!!
- Tom’s "flying leap" to the "other" raft - belly flop!
- Chip gets pulled out of the raft when dousing other raft with 5 gallons of water.
- Glen gets rejected by raft guide in an attempt to "save the pail!"
- Mountain biking in the rain L
- The "CHILI" atmosphere all weekend (thanx Glen P).
- Glen P. falls asleep in closet awaiting "pouncing"
- TIC-TAC-TOE - Glen & John play it with lipstick on Tom’s face while sleeping.
- John finally falls asleep - Tom’s REVENGE!! (Thanks for the make-up Maggie!!)
-"Wiffle Egg" - A surprised Tom bats an egg thinking it a whiffle ball - cost: $32 cleanup.
- Drank friends keg within 1 hours!
- Nothing Broke!!!!
- Found out how boring the "caps" game is.
- 2 pounds of hot dogs will make ANY dog puke!
- Quote from raft guide Colleen" Where’s that whiny guy who was with you last year … Vito?"
- No Chromer.

1994 - 6th year
- $25 Cleaning charge - stains on carpet.
- Dave R tries to pee in the corner behind the table.
- Ron brings "PEZ"
- no Chromer

1993 - 5th year
- Chromer shows up AGAIN!!!
- Glen Z sleeps in closet to avoid midnight "pouncing"

1992 - 4th year
- Chip brings 425 Jell-O shots!
- Quote From Chromer - Arrives Sat night @ 10:00pm and says: "I don't know about the rest of you, but I came here to pass out"! Passes out 4 hours & 10 minutes later. Also quotes: "I'm the funniest guy I know" & "I'm my own best friend".
- Chip falls on face & bruises head
- Glen P. falls on head, obtaining a matching bruise, although remembers nothing.
- Ed D. pukes on couch.
- Paul breaks lamp, tells Gretchen to get a life and a new face, pisses everybody else off.
- Glen R head butts Vito!
- 4 people blew chow! Ed D, Jeff H, Dave S, Mike M (morning).
- 1 Lamp broken, 4 Chairs Broken, 1 Table top ruined
- Quote from the guide: "God it smells like alcohol in here"

1991 - 3rd year
- Chip tries to sleep with the neighbors - walked into wrong condo, thought "everybody" was passed out it was so quiet.

1990 - 2nd year

1989 - 1st year
- "The Freshmen" year!
- Craig Raeburn & who? (oh.. plural?)
- "Gunner" puts his head through the wall - we patched it.

Chip Dyer, August 20, 2006.